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Summer Undergraduate Fellowship Opportunity


Undergraduate students from Caltech and other universities are invited to apply for the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship in Experimental Quantum Science and Technology (QuantumSURF). Through this program, summer students will have the opportunity to do research for 10 weeks in experimental groups at Caltech working on quantum science and technology. Applications may be submitted through either the SURF or WAVE programs at Caltech. Requirements are the same for the SURF and WAVE programs, though the WAVE program is specifically for women or prospective students from underrepresented backgrounds. 

In addition to the activities and opportunities provided by the SURF and WAVE programs, the QuantumSURF students will benefit from collective meetings, lab tours and interactions with the professors participating in QuantumSURF. QuantumSURF students will also have the opportunity to share their experiences on, the dedicated blog for Caltech's Institute for Quantum Information and Matter (IQIM).

To apply, please contact professors involved in the QuantumSURF program to discuss research opportunities. In consultation with the faculty, students will prepare a research proposal and submit it through either the SURF or WAVE application process. Individuals from underrepresented minorities in STEM fields are highly encouraged to apply. 

Application Deadlines:
SURF program: February 22, 2021
WAVE program: January 9, 2021

2020 QuantumSURF Participants

  • Sebastien Abadi (Caltech)
  • Anthony Bao (Caltech)
  • Devin Dean (Caltech)
  • Helena Guan (Caltech)
  • Joren Husic (University of Chicago)
  • Adrian Lopez (Caltech)
  • Emily Springer (Caltech)
  • Victoria Su (Caltech)
  • Maya Watts (Michigan State University)
  • Evan Yamaguchi (University of Maryland)
  • Frank Yang (Rice University)

2019 QuantumSURF Participants

  • Maksim Borovkov (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology)
  • Eoin Caffrey (Trinity College)
  • Aiden Cullo (Binghampton University)
  • Felipe Gomez (Caltech)
  • Yakub Grzesik (Rice University)
  • Anant Kale (Caltech)
  • Aron Lloyd (UC Berkeley)
  • Hayward Melton (Caltech)
  • Shiva Mudide (Caltech)
  • Mai Nguyen (Caltech)
  • Hamza Raniwala (Caltech)
  • Alicia Tirone (Caltech)
  • Ryan White (Caltech)